location: Bantry Bay, Cape Town | architecture: Eric van den Berg and Erik Janse van Rensburg of WAUWinterior design: Holly Hamlyn (Blok) and Weylandts | photography: Wieland Gleich

To this end, WAUW (Blok’s architects) designed the spaces with a focus on the interiors blending seamlessly with outdoor living, each having its own relationship to the exterior. This successfully blurs the line between inside and out, which can clearly be seen throughout the landscape of the penthouse.

This is a triplex with carefully crafted spaces and every modern amenity including a pool and gym, but it is the location that adds particular value with enviable views of the mountain and ocean. To complement the interior architecture the Weylandts Spaces design team finished the penthouse interior in international style, fully crafted to the finest and last detail.

Says Chris Weylandt: ‘Our aim was to select pieces from our existing ranges that would appeal directly to the Blok client, carefully considering materials, colour and a variety of textures. However, where there were unique requirements we found unique solutions, designing and crafting several pieces to complete the picture to the highest possible degree of comfort, design and fit.’

The result is an impressive interior signature. Included within are the Haiku beds in the guest bedrooms, a custom-made Oslo bed in the master bedroom and the Kappa dining table in the living area.

Chris Weylandt adds: ‘We, as a contemporary décor and furniture retailer, have become known for natural oak timber furniture and this features prominently here, yet with a specifically formulated darker finish. We wanted this penthouse to be world-class and we’ve delivered on that by integrating all aspects of our brand offering, from highly detailed planning and design, to the delivery and installation of finely crafted furniture and homeware.

The collaboration between the architects, Blok and Weylandts interior specialists, resulted in every detail within this spectacularly sited urban luxury home being thoroughly thought through. A thread of dark, moody colours is evident throughout the interiors, with more focus in certain areas, which result in dramatic, textured and often unique elements. This crossover between architecture and interior design comfortably transcends the flow of space and how it is utilised. The overall handwriting reveals understated luxury, yet is timeless insofar as it presents itself as being patently contemporary. However, it still allows the owner / homeowner to introduce his or her own style.

Editor’s Note:

Weylandts Spaces is the interior design concept division of Weylandts. Operating under the guidance of founder Chris Weylandt, the team has amassed experience across a wide range of domestic, hospitality, corporate and leisure interior projects. Each reveals a coordination of iconic pieces, individually selected to enhance the particular living space. Some are bespoke, created to individual clients’ specifications, while others are timeless off-the-shelf pieces sourced globally. Each is selected for its character and integrity – to introduce warmth, colour, texture and character.

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