Hellfire is a signature spirit in the fine-liquor artillery of Dead Rabbit Distillery, and staple nectar of legendary Melville, Johannesburg institution, Hell’s Kitchen.

Hellfire is an imaginative and mischievous liqueur that boldly puts the sin in cinnamon and effortlessly infuses it with the rebellious bear-hug of bourbon whiskey, creating a delectable and devilish drop that could easily have been scooped up from the fiery rivers of Hades. An instant burst of flavour erupts throughout your entire body as the first sip passes your lips, bringing with it hints of nostalgia as childhood memories of licking your way through a candy fireball are ignited in your mind. The feisty finish leaves no lingering after shock, but instead, a warm feeling of satisfaction as you quickly pour another, echoing the famous sentiment of Jerry-Lee Lewis, ‘Goodness! Gracious! Great balls of fire!’

Hellfire is the pure embodiment of Rock ’n Roll in a bottle, and a truly South African original, so you don’t have to go all the way to Tennessee for a cheap imitation.

Whether you drink it as a shooter or with your favourite mixer, Always serve it chilled.

Always Fiery.

Always Fearsome.

Always Hellfire.

visit: www.deadrabbitdistillery.com

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