Skins Cosmetics brings 65 exceptional brands to its newest store in Sandton City. For the first time in South Africa, discerning beauty consumers of niche luxury brands are able to have all their needs served under one roof that houses popular international cult brands such as: By Kilian, Byredo, Frederic Malle, diptyque, Le Labo, Comme des Garçons, Laura Mercier; and a refined selection of many more market leading artisan beauty and cosmetic brands.

Skins Cosmetics is a Dutch beauty boutique that first opened in Amsterdam in 2000. Since then 12 more locations have launched and in August 2017, the 14th store opened in SA at Sandton City. It has succeeded in delivering the widest and most comprehensive portfolio of unique artisan beauty brands, unlike anything offered in the country today.

The Skins Cosmetics experience begins as one enters their glass doors. Every light fitting, profile table and wall bay is carefully curated as the interior design of the store is part of the experience and offering to the customer. This boutique’s philosophy aims to tell the brands’ stories and deliver their artisanal value, while introducing their quality. This in an atmosphere that is above all, welcoming, open, uncluttered and heavily service-orientated.

The primary offering is beauty (skin, fragrance, hair and makeup), whilst also incorporating a curated extension to home décor and lifestyle brands, such as: Byredo, diptyque, DR Vranjes Firenze, Jonathan Adler, Fornasetti and Zenology who provide an exceptional offering of homeware, décor and gifting items, making Skins Cosmetics a new destination for the upmarket home curator and wish list fulfiller.

Skins Cosmetics is the first ‘boutique-styled’ beauty environment in SA, providing Europe, the Middle East and the US with a leading selection of niche / artisanal products for those requiring bespoke, fashioned products, outside of the mainstream selection. Skins’ aim is to surprise and inspire the customer. Having passionate staff, with the best product knowledge and exceptional people skills, offering personal advice and superior service is of high priority.

Niche Brands

It is because the word ‘niche’ has been misused and overused so much that its meaning changes depending on the participants. In the context of Niche Beauty, Skins refers to a collection of small scale, soulful brands, with real and rich stories. The title of ‘niche’ has since developed to a more appropriate designation such as ‘artisan’ or ‘exceptional’, which pays homage to the artistic value of the brands. These are appreciated by their loyal followers because they’re seen to be genuine and sincere and not manufactured by clever marketers.

Skins brands are carefully selected purely because of their craftsmanship. They tell fascinating stories with an Indie nature about them and their production also tends to be small-scale, resulting in products made carefully and with passion. The focus here is on the quality of the base materials, innovative production methods and innovative designs.



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