A leisurely stroll through the lemon groves of Amalfi’s Path of the Gods, sipping on chilled limoncello and watching the sunset hanging over the shimmering Mediterranean. That was the inspiration behind Kumari Govender’s latest Amalfi Collection for hauteedit.com

The Amalfi Collection combines unrivalled Italian craftsmanship and the human hand in a striking design collaboration with Amalfi’s renowned artist, Pasquale Sorrentino. Every unit in the collection is shaped using the techniques of “tornio”, hand painted by him and bear his initials as a testament to your contribution in supporting an ancient art.

Borrowing heavily from the delicate craft and the scenic beauty of the Amalfi coast of Italy, the namesake Haute Edit collection is an ideal investment for connoisseurs who value the labour that goes into creating heirloom masterpieces from scratch.

“The distinctively Italian Amalfi collection reaffirms my commitment to storytelling through heritage craftsmanship and celebrates my love for art and age-old techniques,” says style curator Kumari Govender.

The Limoncello range is vibrant, fresh and yellow, reminiscent of the “kiss of the sun” that depicts the taste of the liqueur. The Blu Pavone range runs all the way across the rainbow to embrace hues of blue. With these adorning your table, you can be forgiven if you preen like a peacock at your parties. Both ranges boast an antipasto plate, an aperitivo plate, and a pasta bowl.

 Create serious table envy with these artistic conversation pieces. The ceramic art collection ranges from R940 to R2,540. The collection is now available online at hauteedit.com.

visit: http://hauteedit.com/

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