With a growing speed of up to one metre per day, Moso bamboo is the fastest growing plant on earth. MOSO® Bamboo Solida is unique for its hardness while at the same time being fully ecological, consisting of 100 percent bamboo fibres. After harvesting, the mature bamboo stems are split and the strips have a light yellow colour (natural), but can be steamed for a light brown tone (caramel). After treating and drying, the strips are compressed and glued under high pressure, creating an elegant random line pattern (known as High Density®). The result is a floor that is even harder than the best tropical hardwood species.

The High Density® version embosses the surface by feeding the boards through large rolls with various imprints. These are then mechanically cross-sawn for a weathered, vintage look. Italtile’s exclusive Range of MOSO® Bamboo Solida is officially assessed to be CO2 neutral, or better, over the complete lifecycle. It’s antistatic and anti-allergic, and thus facilitates a healthy indoor environment. The warranteed quality is of the highest and comes with a product guarantee of 30 years.

It is equipped with a click system that facilitates easy floating installation; MOSO® Bamboo Solida is available in: natural, caramel, quartz white, onyx beige, granite grey, marble white, topaz brown; board size: 1850mm x 137mm.

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