If your home is your haven, then your bathroom and kitchen are your sanctuaries. Which is why Hansgrohe has spent decades perfecting sprays and spouts so that these spaces are as functional as they are masterpieces of design.

Flawless functionality

While green is the new black across the globe, Hansgrohe is no stranger to the eco-friendly concept. “Less is more” is an approach that resonates across its product range, reflected in its new PowderRain technology for the Hansgrohe Raindance showers.

Hansgrohe Raindance Overhead Shower Powder Rain

PowderRain technology mimics the micro-droplets of dewy rain so that the user´s experience is not dissimilar to a gentle moisturising by a warm downpour in a tropical paradise – without the mosquitos. Dozens of small water droplets are designed to swaddle, without any thought or concern for water wastage or eco-irresponsibility necessary.

How you ask?

The spray from PowderRain is much finer than conventional shower jets as the showerhead features six tiny openings which transform the spray into thousands of, if possible, even smaller droplets. The drops are too light to bounce off of the skin resulting in a soothing – and efficient – shower which wastes far less water and reduces the splash.

Yet, ingeniously, thanks to Hansgrohe´s commitment to innovation this doesn´t mean a compromise in shower quality. The PowderRain sprays are, in fact, arranged more densely, intensifying the moistening of the skin.

The best part?

It´s quiet too. If a bathroom sanctuary means an escape from the white noise of daily life, PowderRain is the answer. It reduces shower sounds by about 20 percent, making it as peacefully unobtrusive as it is eco-conscious. Think: a gentle whisper on a still day.

Crisp design

Take Hansgrohe´s kitchen tap range, which includes a Select button, an easy-to-use button which increases efficiency and reduces water waste. The 360-degree swivel option also contributes to a convenient experience that is just about the cherry on top of the diverse style options, which feature everything from modern minimalist to classically curved. Never before has a kitchen tap reflected the handler´s personality so seamlessly.

Experts in productivity, the Hansgrohe team knows how valuable convenience truly is. Which is why they´ve included a lightweight, pull-out spout feature too. We are talking pure flexibility no matter which of the different jet types it is paired with.

Jet types you ask?

There is a normal spray option – perfect for filling up large volumes quickly, with minimal water waste. There is also the additional shower spray, which can be used for a gentle rinsing. Change jet types with the flick of a wrist, without even needing to turn off the water.

The bottom line is that with Hansgrohe, no matter how much the bathroom and kitchen spaces are used, carbon footprints go down and sheer pleasure goes up. Your home will look good doing it too.

Who knew spouts and sprays could take care of so much?

Well, Hansgrohe did.

Hansgrohe. Meet the beauty of water!

visit: www.hansgrohe.co.za


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