Hamilton Conte’s latest collection for January 2019 brings together some of their traditional leitmotifs such as metal and curves along with a certain element of surprise and a few departures from the brand’s signature style. “My objective this year was to bring together transparency and visual lightness for a cleaner aesthetic,” comments Creative Director Fabian Pellegrinet Conte.

The Otero Chair and the Iwatani lamp are perfect examples bringing a bit of play between shadow and light. Many metallic elements from different eras abound such as the Etruscan inspired iron of the Tirenna Table, the 13th century French inspired cast brass handles of the Biscornet cabinet or the rather otherworldly shape of the cast aluminium Mantida tables. Touches of gold remain part of the brand’s signature style with brass and other gold or bronze components. Beautiful organic veneers are also present with the Ebony marquetry doors of the Albers Cabinet, the stunning Inès tabletop in Radica, the Brasilio module’s Imbuia structure, and the Eucalyptus doors of the new Orick Sideboard.

Sculptural elements, the omnipresence of curves and new pops of colour combine with a lighter styling for this usually more eccentric brand. Two new bed concepts along with significant additions to its lighting collection make this generalist brand perfect for equipping one’s entire home.

For more information, please visit: www.hamiltonconte.com

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