We’ve said it before, but in most builds – whether residential or corporate – there are three visible planes that demand consideration: ceiling, walls / windows and floor. And of these the horizontal floor surface is most vital at any level. Its treatment being very obviously key to a coordinated and successful result.

How often do we consider the surface we stand on? Certainly, if it has obvious visual appeal; yet it should also be comfortable to walk on, especially when barefoot. Floors are integral to the basic shell of any interior, the lower horizontal plane of what usually manifests as a box to live in. As such this vacant space is an empty canvas and within it the architects / interior architect or designer’s task is to best apply the finishes, fittings and fixtures that the budget allows.

Waving definitive magic wands they consider the function and purpose of a given space and then establish its decorative direction, which ideally should be in synch with the architectural signature, rather than at odds with it.

For more than 40 years, and particularly in the last decade, Habitat’s intention has been to showcase the synergy between architects – who enclose spaces – and these designers and decorators who specify the finishes i.e. who furnish and accessorise these empty spaces. More recently this has fallen within our chosen direction, that of contemporary disciplines. We believe this focus is the right way forward for the young democracy of South Africa – in cataloguing and showcasing global trends – that can work effectively here.

Habitat’s annual flooring FOCUS considers 2016’s best offerings and how to select today’s myriad floor options. The established format means that we draw comment from those in the know in both the South African and international marketplace.

For the full article see Habitat #254 July / August 2016