‘(re)stitched landscape’ is the third instalment from artist and rug designer Julia Swanepoel Pepler for Gonsenhausers that continues on the theme of aerial photography.

“In the vein of abstract art practice, I am intuitively drawn to my source material – aerial maps and photographs.

As I deconstruct, dismantle, mix and combine elements from different geographical locations I end up (re) stitching maps and diverse places together creating a design that is completely detached from any single place”, says Pepler.

Pepler’s source material for (re)stitched landscape has been collected over many years, ranging from her own aerial photography to satellite imagery, maps and Googled aerial landscape and city imagery.

Whilst much of this source material is in black and white, Pepler’s choice of colour is influenced by the positive force colour plays in her own life. Rather than consciously being driven by trends, Pepler’s use of colour combinations are motivated by what excites her. For this collection expect balanced harmonious tones juxtaposed with unexpected combinations, all in contrast to the subjects natural colours in nature.

visit: www.finerugs.co.za


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