Giorgetti launches the new advertising campaign: the experience of living is a combination between design and architecture, a refined, international and timeless lifestyle. Architecture holds the centre of the stage, pure, rational and conceptual: attention to detail, craftsmanship and artistic sensitivity are brought on a larger scale.

In fact, the claim “Object to project”, with reference to the precious publication celebrating the 120 years of the brand, emphasizes the ability to design entire ambiances, in which products come to life. Walls, accessories and boiseries of the architectural space have been realized with materials from the Giorgetti collection and are combined with the same attention employed for the individual product.

The first two subjects of the new advertising campaign are Skyline sofa by Carlo Colombo and Amadeus table by Roberto Lazzeroni. Iconic products are included in each subject, such as Hug armchair by Rossella Pugliatti and Nyn corner cabinet by Chi Wing Lo, showing Giorgetti’s ability to bring together styles and seasons, shapes and finishes, novelties and best sellers.

The chromatic palettes, natural and enveloping, play with modern desaturated shades. The grays, the typical woods of the Giorgetti world discover a new refinement in the combination with octane and burgundy elements. Classic and contemporary, tradition and trends come together in an extraordinary compositional richness.

Photos: Tiziano Sartorio


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