‘I really believe education is helpful for the future of architects and interior designers to share how comprehensive the architectural study is. I studied for seven years and completed more than 50 projects and exams.’ So says George Georgio who imports Poltrona Frau furniture into South Africa.

He adds, ‘I knew from early childhood that the architectural profession was my destiny. In 1996 I obtained a Master of Architecture degree from the University of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy in Sofia, Bulgaria. This was a communist architectural university continuing the traditions from Bauhaus in Weimar, Germany where Walter Gropius set the basis for new architecture, with the ultimate aim of all visual arts contributing to form the complete building.

‘During a seven year course in architecture I was taught by the best professors. This included: architecture and golden ratio composition, freedom of individuality in drawings, organic forms, urban planning and utopian structural designs. But also how to retain contact with the leaders of the building industry, plus economics – and collaboration at high level – to achieve a harmony of all the component elements that make up architecture.

‘During my student years my projects were interstellar spiral fractal structures driven by gravitational and electromagnetic waves in the Galaxy, and when my professors asked me to do something more understandable I started drawing more close to home: Heliosphere architectural structures, bonded by Earth’s gravity and empowered by the Sun and hydrogen cells. My architectural projects won awards for their innovative and futuristic approach – for the upcoming dawn in our Solar System.

For the full article see Habitat #254 July / August 2016

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