True to their curiosity and willingness to explore the hidden side of mundane objects, Yael and Shay, from the London-based studio Raw-Edges, have created the BACKSTITCH rug collection for GAN, which turns traditional embroidery upside-down and reveals the beauty of its seemingly messy reverse.

BACKSTITCH focuses on that ambiguous and irregular universe of stitches, without which the front side, designed to be seen, could not exist. What seems chaotic has its own language and adds a new value, a new intention to traditional craftsmanship, for which Yael and Shay feel great admiration. The rigorous and methodical style that characterizes Raw-Edges was inspired this time by the delicate work of the artisans who work with GAN.

The collection consists of three consecutive designs, from the first arises the second and then the third, in a perfectly orchestrated conceptual progression. The “Calm” model starts the series. While smooth and almost solid, a colourful and dynamic area introduces the theme of the collection. “Busy” densifies the pattern.

Multiple stitches are added, the composition is enriched and all of its nuances can be captured by observing the rug from different perspectives. Finally, “Composition” is the finale, the end of the theme. It produces an explosion that shows the intention, the complete work. It is almost a piece of art, and it can be used both as a rug or as a tapestry on the wall.

Each design is available in two colours, Green and Brick.

The three rugs are dhurries made of 100% pure wool, soft and warm. They are produced on manual looms and delicately hand-embroidered by the artisans of our GAN Women’s Unit.


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