Patricia Urquiola creates another modern classic accessory. Mirage, the new collection of rugs designed for GAN, is destined to become a treasured icon. Colour, geometry and superimposition are combined with this rug of pure New Zealand wool manufactured using the hand-knotted technique.

The mould-breaking approach and ongoing experimental nature of Patricia Urquiola’s work has produced a rug, Mirage, that takes on the qualities of a painterly work of art. Its formal power and tonal strength, the playful game of perspective and the illusion of movement of the interwoven bands, escaping the rectangular limits of a typical rug, recall Op art and avant-garde artistic movements of the beginnings of the 20th Century. The entire design of Mirage is inter-linked, with no beginning or end, just like Urquiola’s favoured expression.

The colour shading in addition to defining the bands also creates a three dimensional effect that breaks out from the usual rectangular rug format. An exercise in three dimensional composition. The edges follow its logic as a series of angled rectangular bands that escape the regular form.

Mirage is testament to the time and commitment that GAN provides its designers to come up with original creations employing craft sensibility and re-interpretations of tradition methods. Mirage is a technically complex rug to produce. The colour variations require an expert eye that organise the felt into precise bands of varying tones in the traditional hand knotted method.

The collection is available in 200 x 310 cm format (6’7” x 9’11”); in three primary colour palettes; blue, orange and nude.


The Garden Layers collection, designed by Patricia Urquiola, opened new frontiers for GAN. It is the first outdoor collection produced by GAN, which follows the steps of its parent company GANDIABLASCO in bringing indoor standards of comfort and design to outdoor spaces. Garden Layers, since its launch in 2017, has been recognised with numerous design awards around the globe. Now, a new layer is added to the collection.

Two additional elements expand the Garden Layers collection to create an even more comfortable and practical space, an Indian bed and side table. The bed is raised off the ground, available in single or double options that complement the existing rugs, mattresses and pillows. The side tables enhance the collection’s functionality and create multi-purpose surfaces. They are produced in square (60x60cm / 24”x24”) and rectangular (60x90cm / 24”x36”) formats.

The beds have a powder-coated aluminium frame and are available in three colour combinations: Terracotta frame with Gofre terracotta or Tartan terracotta cover, Grey frame with Gofre blue or Tartan blue cover or Green frame with Gofre green or Tartan green cover.

The tables, also made from powder-coated aluminium come in terracotta, grey and green.

Garden Layers is comprised of rugs, mattresses, roll pillows, cushions and, now, beds and side tables. The collection was originally inspired by traditional Mughal culture and architecture, after Urquiola visited an exhibition of miniature drawings in India, where GAN’s collections are made by hand. Mughal culture celebrated nature and outdoor spaces, gardens and terraces were common spaces to relax and talk.

The innovative fabrics and fillings together with the range of patterns and colours, make Garden Layers an infinitely adaptable collection where different elements can be mixed and matched in order to customise individual outdoor spaces. Garden Layers is also suitable for any climate or season. Thanks to its innovative use of materials, the collection can be laid on any type of surface including decking, grass, concrete or even sand.

You’ll find GAN at Barcelona Concept:
Hall F Stand F2 15
between October 4th and 7th of 2018.

visit: www.gan-rugs.com