Driven by principles within the professional kitchen, inspired by the needs and experiences of the professional chef, Gaggenau has introduced the same senses and standards into the private home with their ovens 400 series.

Solid stainless steel and glass, standing proud of their background, are unmissable and unmistakably identified as Gaggenau. Free of any handles, doors are opened by a simple touch of the display. When stacked, the control panels bridge two options, the combi-steam oven or combi-microwave oven twinned with an oven. This choice can be accompanied by either a warming drawer and with certain models a vacuuming drawer, designed with various intentions, including sous-vide preparation.

For the private chef with expansive ideas, the oven’s 60cm width can be enlarged to 76cm. Whether there is a desire to steam, braise, bake, cook, grill, gratinate, regenerate, extract ice or sous-vide, this is the appliance to turn to. And with its unique water and pyrolytic self-cleaning system it’s subsequently cleaned up. Ultra-precise finessing of the temperature, five humidity levels and the new addition of a vacuuming drawer encourage cooking mastery.


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