The building – a completely renovated farmhouse – is located in the low-lands outside Utrecht. Inspired by the colours of the surrounding landscape – the water, sky and fields of grain – architect Jeroen van Zwetselaar chose a palette of natural materials and hues. The previously existing outbuildings were demolished to make room for a design that employs sleek, wood-panelled spaces that reveal an interesting spatial interaction between interiors and exteriors and between the upper and lower floors.

The goal of casual elegance and total comfort is also expressed in the furnishings. In the living room, a generous composition of the Groundpiece seating system occupies the area in front of the fireplace, while a Lifesteel sofa upholstered in soft tobacco-colour leather is placed upstairs.

Exterior: Zecc Architecten
Interior: Zecc Architecten In collaboration with ZW6 | Studio Jeroen van Zwetselaar
Styling: ZW6 | Studio Jeroen van Zwetselaar
Ph: Alexander van Berge.


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