The woven pattern that characterises Flexform creations has inspired a number of products in the indoor collection and it’s now the distinctive motif in the Vulcano outdoor seating system. There are other key features that form part of Flexform DNA, like compositional flexibility and a high degree of customisation, coupled with a determination to find just the right materials to ensure optimum performance outdoors. These are core design elements of the Vulcano sofa. 

The sofa base is crafted from marine plywood, while the armrest and backrest structures are formed from austenitic stainless steel 316, a super alloy that ensures superior endurance outdoors. 


The woven upholstery is made of polypropylene fibre or polyurethane rubber and is available in a sophisticated palette of colours that range from earth tones to Bordeaux and olive green. The strcuture sits on a perimeter frame in austenitic stainless steel 316, and nylon pads. To ensure optimal outdoor performance, all the padded cushions are encased in a special lining material made of breathable water-repellent fabric, while the vast collection of outdoor upholstery fabrics guarantees excellent resistance, not only to the effects of weather and the sun but also to chlorine and salt water. It is strongly advised that the respective covers be used to keep the Vulcano sofas in top condition and prolong their original beauty for as long as possible.


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