A pressing desire for serene normality and quiet elegance is in the air. Perhaps as a reaction to the complexity of life and the overload of stress and stimuli caused by our hyper-connected condition. Also in the home, there is an intense yearning for essential things, comfort, harmony, because true elegance lies in the essential, which becomes a question of personality, confidence and bearing.

This is the spirit of the times, which FLEXFORM has intercepted and interpreted in the enveloping, refined atmosphere of its totally updated booth at the Salone del Mobile 2017 in Milan.

The new collection and the display space have been conceived to convey the sense of a project where moderation and balance prevail, because today the real revolution implies being classical, or – more precisely – timeless. As tastes become more refined, aesthetic subtraction becomes a value. The new product proposals make few concessions to decoration and the superfluous. Excess is out. New Normal is in.

Normality becomes cool. Simplicity becomes exceptional. But – as they say – simplicity is the most complicated thing on earth. So behind every new FLEXFORM collection, there is an intense effort of research, intuition, sensitivity, mental openness, and final synthesis. Fundamental ingredients to move forward with an indispensable process of innovation, under the sign of continuity.


ADDA, Sofa – design Antonio Citterio

A linear component sofa and armchair with a clean, contemporary look. The light structure welcomes generously padded goosedown cushions bordered by thick relief stitching. The base in metal tubing is covered in leather or fabric, raised off the floor by metal feet. The soft armrest and back cushions slide over the structure and are crossed by original lengthwise stitching that produces a gentle hollow on the surface (in fabric or leather): an interesting graphic sign that becomes the distinctive feature of the sofa. The horizontal stitching on the armrest and back cushions follows and accentuates the natural folds creating by the act of sitting.

ESTE, Sofa/table

design Antonio Citterio

A linear component sofa raised off the floor on a metal based covered with cowhide. The original structure adds character to the image, a sort of light shell of metal sheets covered in cowhide that flares from the base to embrace the large cushions of the armrests and back. An object enhanced by fine finishing materials, for rigorous aesthetic results. The many possible fabric/leather variants give the sofa a versatile image, varied by the combination of two materials for a range of different effects. The sofa is joined by a family of small tables that work perfectly with its design. With a metal base, tops in many types of wood and marble available in the catalogue, and ample sizes in the round, square and rectangular models, the tables are ideal for placement in front of the sofa.

TOSCA, Armchair – design Antonio Citterio

An armchair with a neo-colonial spirit. The totally visible wooden structure of the back, like a sort of exoskeleton, gives the design an original character. With discreet proportions, for combination with the many sofas in the catalogue, this armchair has a sturdy seat cushion wrapped by an enveloping back in woven cane.

MONREALE, Table – design Antonio Citterio

The range of wooden tables has been expanded. The particular double leg in fine wood, with its overturned V shape, becomes an important formal feature: full and solid, with rounded corners, it gives the silhouette of the large rectangular table, in two sizes, a special modern, noble appearance. The solid wood top extends over the central legs, making it possible to comfortably seat up to ten guests around the table.

ZEFIRO, Table/Small tables – design Antonio Citterio

A large collection of dining tables and smaller tables are driven by the theme of lightness. The slim central leg is made of metal. The dining tables are round, oval, square and rectangular, in various sizes for a wide range of spatial needs: from the small round bistro table that is also ideal for use in public venues, restaurants and cafes, all the way to the large family dining table for ten to twelve persons. The tops are available in solid wood or with a lacquer finish, or marble.

NEWBRIDGE, Bed – design Carlo Colombo

The bed is composed of a low headboard in metal with an original C-shaped section, covered in cowhide, which frames and adds character to the padded base. Two useful bedside units are attached at the sides of the headboard, each with a single wooden drawer, raised slightly off the floor. The elegant linear design of the headboard is completed at the centre by two large reclining upholstered cushions. Placed against the headboard, they offer a comfortable position for reading or watching television.

CABARÉ, Small table

A family of small functional tables made with great attention to detail, with a slender wooden structure and a metal top in the form of a tray. Available in two round sizes, where the smaller one has two shelves and one particular feature: on the upper level, the elegant metal tray can be easily removed from the legs that hold it in place, to become a handy serving tray.

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