This apartment is located in Borgo San Frediano, the Oltrarno district in Florence on ‘the other side of Arno River’– voted one of the coolest ‘hoods in the world.



Pierattelli Architetture’s restyling of the 240 sq-metre space breathes a new and elegant life to the project that reflects both the identity and eclecticism of this location while emanating a sense of welcome and still being functional.

In addition to its extraordinary historical treasures, the Oltrarno has another advantage: it’s far from Florence’s busy central and eastern quarters. This means you’ll find a calmer, more authentic and professional area, full of artisan studios flaunting centuries-old traditions and crafts, not to mention the number of antiques stores, friendly bars and small, family-run restaurants. Cross Ponte Vecchio and you’ll reach the south side of the river, where you’ll find plenty of churches, museums, parks.

The entrance hall, created ex novo during the restyling, was defined by the architects through ribbed oak, an effect that makes the piece even more unique. This curved line then continues throughout the living area thanks to the choice of furniture such as the semi-circular modular sofa in Venise beige, designed by Gabriele & Oscar Buratti for Lema, in dialogue with the soft lines of the two Archibald armchairs, designed by Frenchman Jean Marie Massaud for Poltrona Frau. The bookcase was designed by the architects and handcrafted in Canaletto walnut and honey oak, while the suspended TV cabinet is by Lema. To give a sense of warmth and embrace the various elements present, the architects designed a circular rug that was made in Pakistan with big visual impact, which also links the various colours on display from the shades of blue to orange and light beiges.



Bold colours, tailor-made solutions, natural materials and designer pieces define the light-filled spacious interiors where the neutral hues of the walls contrast with the nuances of the painted ceilings. Important artwork such as the coffered ceilings and frescoes add value to the entire house and testify to its long history. These are the ingredients for a restyling that intends to preserve the charm of the location and its ancient Italian history, brought back to life in the present.

This home has a large living area, featuring a living room connected to the kitchen and dining room, and a more secluded sleeping area. The two openings of the living room lead into the dining room with an open kitchen. The room reflects a sophisticated style and a sense of composure, and is furnished with iconic design pieces such as the oval, marble-topped Tulip dining table by Eero Sarinen, surrounded by comfortable seating such as Warren Platner’s Platners chair, both manufactured by Knoll.


The dining area is lit by the golden Skygarden hanging lamp, by Marcel Wanders for Flos, a brand also represented by the two black IC Lights, by Cypriot designer Michael Anastassiades in the kitchen area, produced by Elmar in wood and brass to a design by the architects, with a walnut travertine top made by a local craftsman in warm Mediterranean earthy tones, enhanced by the red of the Archibald stools by Poltrona Frau.

The characterising element of both the master, and guest bedrooms, is the Canaletto walnut headboard designed by Pierattelli Architecture, which in both separates the sleeping area from a wardrobe space with functional chest for drawers. The apartment is rounded out by a study and two bathrooms that feature different types of travertine: classic for the master bathroom and moonlight blue for the guest bathroom, which was completely renovated by the architects. A Turkish bath can be found on the second floor accessed via a spiral staircase in pietra serena – an original element of the apartment. Throughout the house, the original floor in Tuscan terracotta – one of the oldest and most traditional materials – has been preserved and its reddish hues lend an earthy sense of warmth to the rooms with the fine art photography by Frenchman Hervé Saint Hélier.



Architecture, interiors, industrial design: Pierattelli Architetture’s projects combine functionality, aesthetics and innovation in a multidisciplinary approach. Every piece of architecture, space or product is custom built in the name of extreme design flexibility, scrupulous contextual interpretation, the needs of the client and historical significance, to generate balanced, contemporary solutions.



With its strong corporate vocation, Pierattelli Architetture began by specialising in the design of corporate offices and banks but over the years the firm’s activity expanded into the hospitality, residential and product design sectors. Sustainability is the founding value of Pierattelli Architetture’s design work, developed on the basis of an awareness that a green approach is not only ethically necessary, but also a driver of economic growth for business.

design: San Frediano apartment | location: Florence, Tuscany, Italy | architects: Pierattelli Architetture | furniture: Lema, Poltrona Frau, Knoll, Flos | kitchen by Elmar | photography: Luri Niccolai