Elitza Giorgia is the Poltrona Frau Dealer Principal in South Africa whose flagship store is in Cape Town. She was born and educated in Sofia, Bulgaria before moving to South Africa with her architect husband, George Giorgio.

She recalls: ‘I became enamoured by myself in late childhood, understanding that we humans are a miraculous form of creation, capable of manifesting a magnificent, even majestic version of existence through thought, word and deed. My first ambition was to be a banker and to achieve this I completed my accounting studies at the University of Economics in Sofia.

‘While working at the Bulgarian National Bank, in my free time, I started to attend architectural lectures together with my husband George Giorgio. There I recognised high-level design and this launched a spiritual revolution of cosmic proportions that transformed my life via the realisation of a vital, new probable world. The result was that when we moved to South Africa I had more interest in architectural design than banking and I joined my husband’s company, EuroCasa.

‘Now, together with George, we represent the top Italian furniture brand Poltrona Frau. Successfully developing the South African market for this unique interior product has become possible due to those who appreciate the highest level of design. Timeless quality, comfort, functionality and durability are key values of our projects; plus a high level of service for those who appreciate this.’

In the ‘80s the company expanded its production by opening itself to the automotive and contract sectors, and in 1987 it set the Color System Pelle Frau®: a colour palette for hides, which now features more than 200 shades. Today, Poltrona Frau encompasses excellence in the furniture industry and has dressed specific quality versions of models of the most prestigious car manufacturers: Bugatti, BMW, Maserati, Ferrari (below), Range Rover, Fiat, Mini and others.

‘The rationale of the brand was always to focus on quality, and on exclusive clients capable of appreciating it. Future plans include even higher design levels to build a loyal, global following of partners and clients requiring turnkey elite projects for luxury human habitats, royal palaces, and exclusive residential and public spaces. One such is to dress the latest Astronauts Training Centres for Deep Space Exploration Missions in selected states, together with Space Shuttles for Lower Earth Orbit, Lunar and Mars operations.

‘All beings create their own reality, for their own purposes of learning and growth, and ancient humankind has been walking the same way for millennia. Today we are merely perfecting the past with a sense of the future.’

address: 24 Somerset Rd, Green Point, Cape Town | tel: 021 418 0726 | visit:www.poltronafrau.com

For the full article see Habitat #258 March / April 2017