Our world is fast evolving and things are made to be better, faster, basically more efficient. Various designers and architects have really put this forward with the creation of lighting that is both easy to manage and sustain. This is achieved aesthetically through the design of portable lighting, which can be recharged and used in places that you wouldn’t think your cord could reach.

Now because of LED lights, it has become much easier for designers to go ahead with cordless – decreasing the hassle of wires. Materials used for lighting have been reworked and have become more effective and efficient, such lights include The Follow Me Lamp by Inma Bermudez for Marset. With its polycarbonate build and beautiful light, we witness the best of form and functionality.

There is also the Take Away LED portable lamp by Faro and like the Follow Me, the lamps are dimmable. The portable lamp is designed with a handle, making it easy to carry and an item that can be wall-hung. The Take Away is great to have outdoors with good battery life.

There are many more designs from many brands to select from and are all available from eldc (European Light + Design Centre).

visit: www.eldc.co.za


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