Elba was founded in 1950 by Elio Baggio, as a family business in the village of Marostica in Italy’s Vicenza province. By the end of the ‘50s, post WW2 reconstruction was completed and the following years were characterized by a huge demand for basic household appliances, such as cookers and refrigerators. This situation led Elio Baggio to build a new factory in 1960, in the town of Bassano del Grappa and to concentrate his activity in the manufacturing of freestanding cookers for the domestic market. The brand ELBA was born.

In 2015, ELBA celebrated its 65th anniversary. It continues to grow by monitoring changing needs in the market and remaining always in line with the times; this by following the path of innovation and development to create cutting edge models. To celebrate its anniversary ELBA created two new lines; the VINTAGE freestanding cookers with an old fashioned feel, akin to the legendary ’60s. And the new built in line ELIO with five types of gas cooktops and six types of ovens (gas and electric) that are the depiction of minimalism, modern design and sophistication. Both products lines are efficient, safe, powerful and easy to use.

ELBA maintain that their passion for their chosen field satisfies the needs of various cultures and different lifestyles, with products which are perfectly capable of adapting to all the cuisines of the world. They say: ‘We have a solution to all situations. Powerful, versatile and simple to use, our cooking appliances are inspired by simplicity and passion and are completely Made in Italy, from the design stage to the production of the individual components. Good looks are a given but most important is functionality. Italian style is always distinctive, it combines craftsmanship and creativity to create a product that is simply mind-blowing in aesthetics, efficiency and safety. All ages are drawn to the product, as we are committed in style, service and customer satisfaction, we love what we do, and this drive makes us expand and affirm our ‘Talent for Cooking’.

‘We believe the kitchen to be the most important part of the home as it’s where the family meets, eats and warms itself; as it has happened for thousands of years in many countries around the globe. A kitchen must convey freedom of expression, somewhere to invent new and old memories, experiment and sharpen the senses. The word taste in the kitchen is not only a question of the palate, but also a synonym of class. We continuously search for the most beautiful, practical, useful and harmonious elements, whilst always considering the cost of our products. We have supplied the kitchens of countless people for decades and the number is still growing. Our ambition is always to be the mainstay within the kitchen: a unique space that merits desirability, practicality and quality at the highest level. 

We provide the ability to transform dreams into the perfect Talent for Cooking.


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