When modern life becomes intense and stressful from time to time, between juggling a never-ending ‘to do’ list to keeping active and eating well or processing endless clamour on social media, most people tend to look for a getaway from all the chaos – some time out to breathe and embrace the serenity that comes with letting go. 

The Dulux colour specialists at the AkzoNobel  Global Aesthetic Centre in the Netherlands introduces its third palette from their annual trends report: ColourFuturesTM: the Dream palette, which seeks to create tranquillity, retreat and falling into a state of dreamlike wakefulness, where the mind can simply drift away for a moment.  Every year, the Dulux colour specialists at leading paint and coatings manufacturer, AkzoNobel create a series of diverse pale

ttes around one central Colour of the Year. This year’s colour Creme Brulee was launched in September 2018 along with the first of four palettes, the Think palette which was designed to create calm thinking spaces. This was followed by the launch of the second palette, Love in February this year designed to create a strong sense of belonging and togetherness evoked by colours that bring people in.

“The mood created by our Dream palette encourages people to step off the conveyor belts of our fast-paced lives so that our best thoughts and ideas can come to us, says Palesa Ramaisa, Dulux South Africa Colour Consultant.

The DREAM palette tones are serene and grown up, yet soft and warm. A gently muted mix of romantic powder pinks and blues create calm, with our honey-toned Colour of the Year bringing depth and sophistication to the look. Plain pale woods, simple hand-thrown vessels and pretty fabrics add to the contemplative, centred feel of this aesthetic.

These tones create a space where you can be still and silent. Somewhere to sit and drift in perfect peace, to become lost in the moment and to wonder ‘what if?’, stop rushing and relish the here and now. This space is elegant but relaxed, with whimsical playful touches.

“This palette allows us to take time out from the serious concerns of our adult lives to engage with our inner child and once again create fantasy world and experience wonder,” adds Ramaisa. “In doing so, we become more connected with who we really are.”

There’s an emerging trend for embracing fantastical experiences and allowing them back into our world through fashion, books, art and design.

“It’s all about creating opportunities to dream – in our lives and in our homes. To create the slow pace and peaceful atmosphere that enables us to get lost in the moment. To achieve a calm setting that allows the mind to wander,” concludes Ramaisa.

AkzoNobel have been forecasting annual colour trends since 2003. Find out more about the Colour FuturesTM report on the Dulux social pages Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest or Instagram.

images and text by Dulux


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