This bejewelled rainbow of grandeur – the Arthur Kaplan Dream in Colour Collection – features themed sets that are both dreamy and opulent; inspired by the surprising organic forms and colours found in nature. Vibrantly coloured gemstones are set in original combinations and framed by intricate diamond details that accentuate their natural hues. Coloured gemstones are naturally occurring minerals that can be cut or polished to gem quality; the stones are then carefully selected by colour and size to enhance their natural beauty.

The Sky Blue set comprises varied shades of blue topaz to evoke the ever-changing hues of a summer sky. Tanzanite is a fantasy gem – a thousand times rarer than diamonds and found only in the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro. Tanzanite’s rich blue-violet colour is particularly striking against crisp and clear diamonds.

The Sultry set combines a rich palette of exotic stones presented in subtle combinations of pink tourmaline, Brazilian garnet and purple amethyst. Amethyst (violet in colour) is the stone of St Valentine and symbolises sincerity; it’s also the colour of creative energy and inspiration. Brazilian garnet has a specific rose colour, with garnet symbolising luck and good health. Smokey quartz adds a romantic, mystic tone to round off the palette.

The Dream in Colour Collection is diverse and distinctive, yet timeless. The pieces make for a great cocktail look or can be worn as an everyday celebration of nature’s vibrant palette.

The Arthur Kaplan Collections showcase a long-standing heritage of jewellery design. Each collection has been created to celebrate an aspect of life’s journey or to evoke a particular emotion – giving these instantly recognisable designs an underlying grace and femininity. This jewellery is crafted with an exquisite attention to detail and a passionate focus on quality.

Available from Arthur Kaplan: 011 669 5600