Respected for her professional, analytical and innovative interior design service, Heather thrives on creating unique spaces that reflect her clients’ styles and needs. Her own dream bedroom and bathroom is in the works for the feature within CoLab at Design Joburg. The designer adds: ‘I’m collaborating with industry professionals and newcomers to use materials and textures in traditional and non-traditional ways.’

In creating her concept, Heather has drawn inspiration from the paint colour she developed with Fired Earth Paints. Fascinated by Southern African landscapes and textures, she is synergising various earthy tones.

‘My memory bank is filled with images, colours and connections. Nature, and the repetition within it, and landscapes – their layers, colours, shades and shapes – are all great influences. I love travelling and find motivation following a trip I’ve been on.’

The level of SA workmanship and talent energises this designer. ‘I feel these talents sometimes fall flat, either by focusing on the ‘wrong’ designs or not having the right exposure. I’d love to see a permanent platform similar to the display of SA products at the Le BHV Marais department store in Paris. I felt pride seeing those local products together on one impeccable stage. A platform that celebrates local products as a collective, that is carefully curated and innovatively displayed, would be so exciting.’

In describing the key elements of her ultimate interior she says: ‘To keep lines and shapes as simple and clean as possible. The simplification of the home’s structure provides an auspicious foundation against which one begins layering. It’s all in the details. The curation of sentimental elements, inherited, or from travels, is an essential ingredient within a space that reflects the personalities of those who live in it.’ Heather recently announced the launch of her own homeware collection.



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