Erica is creating a city loft studio space and in planning this for work and play, she wants to pay tribute to Johannesburg: its heritage, its urban art and its people. Her aim is to bring the evocative city exterior into an interior. She adds: ‘Incredible artists are doing amazing work to bring a little colour and conscientiousness into our daily lives.’ The designer is preparing an art installation in collaboration with a very special artist named James Delaney.

Where does this designer draw inspiration from for her interior style? ‘From my clients. I strive to bring them into their interiors by making these both practical and spaces that say something about who they are. For my own home, I draw inspiration from trends that philosophise a simple, comfortable, non-consumerist lifestyle. This ethos is the basis of creating a safe space and home.’ Currently, Erica is coveting the Douglas and Douglas Carter drinks cabinet, the Anatomy Design Southern Guild chair and a Diane Victor smoke drawing for her own home.

People are what excites Erica. ‘I simply love this industry with its clients and suppliers that make every day worth it! Creating spaces in the home that meaningfully represent our outside worlds and cultures is the ultimate trend in my opinion.’

So, the designer is obsessed with South African design and loves the fact that it has become so accessible and affordable for people to enjoy and learn from. However, a better collaboration of art and interiors, being such separate worlds and industries, is what she would like to see more of in the local design scene and emphasises that ‘the possibilities are endless’. This designer’s dream project would involve one that becomes more a curation of South African artists and designers.



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