Bringing a level of distinction to this year’s increasingly exciting line-up at Design Joburg, featuring Rooms on View, chef David Higgs and his team from Joburg’s first live-fire restaurant, Marble, are joining the show.

Marble is unveiling a pop-up restaurant tagged CoLab. The name takes its cue from the show’s guiding philosophy of collaboration; CoLab being the title of the show’s much-anticipated main features. Furthermore, it speaks to Marble’s own journey of collaboration with suppliers, designers, artists and artisans in shaping their brand and their upcoming CoLab pop up.

Visitors can expect both food and design trends to converge under the expert direction of Higgs and interior designer Irene Kyriacou of Oniroco (who was responsible for the outstanding design of Marble restaurant).

“We live in a society that is overstimulated by technology, trends and expectations. I find peace in the surroundings that I create and love using elements that remind me of the places I have visited. Anything tactile, from fabrics to ceramics, can evoke an emotion,” explains Irene.

In line with Design Joburg’s easy-going atmosphere, the pop up will be a light and organic space prompted by nature while highlighting up-to-the-minute industry trends. “Our stand will reflect a space that awakens one’s senses. Food and design are so cohesive and we hope to demonstrate this union just as we have at Marble,” Irene says.

As for the food itself, expect an innovative culinary offering influenced by these same design components. For Higgs, flavour and simplicity drive the success of any dining experience, as such, he forgoes over-complication in favour of authenticity and heartiness.

Visitors can expect just this in unintimidating, pared-back food that nails both flavour and careful presentation with thoughtfully paired cocktails from their talented mixologists. And keep a lookout for the thought-provoking experiential dimension that CoLab will be bringing to the show.


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