Born from a desire to create South Africa’s greatest wine, not a single one of the vast expenses spared. Harvested from the particularly reputable 2015 harvest of South Africa, we introduce the opulent 2015 vintage of South Africa’s highly prestigious wine, Book XVII.

This iconic Bordeaux blend is only available directly from the farm via our online cellar. This extraordinary wine depicts the true meaning of exclusive craftsmanship that knows no limitations or restrictions – a wine of uncompromising quality. The 2015 vintage of this fabled South African Bordeaux blend, is even richer, more full-bodied and elegant than before, with the most luxurious mouthfeel.

The standing repeat client bookings reserved a total of 538 bottles of the available 1077 Book XVII 2015, leaving only 539 of these highly sought-after collectables available for purchase by clients. Each of these iconic bottles is individually labelled and numbered by hand.

This spectacular wine is presented in a specially handcrafted wooden case, accompanied by an iconic Allen key to ensure the safekeeping of this collector’s item with the ageing potential of 40 years plus. Infra-Red Aerial Imaging is used to specifically identify vines of only the highest quality, which are then hand-pruned to grow a mere four, perfectly balanced bunches per single vine.

Each of these bunches receives individual attention and very specific manicuring during the ripening process after which it is hand-harvested and also destemmed by the gentlest handling of a very select team.

This expressive 2015 vintage of the awarded Book XVII is, therefore the result of a perfect combination. The perfect combination of the optimal growing and ripening conditions of the reputable 2015 harvest and our winemaking team’s absolute devotion, unwavering standards, unquestionable passion and meticulous attention to detail.

“A bucket list wine! The best Bordeaux blend I think I’ll ever taste! Smooth, well rounded, full of berries. Fantastic if you can get a bottle of this.”  David Fabricius, Vivino Reviewer on the Book XVII


Not For Sale To Persons Under The Age Of 18