CREMA is thrilled to announce an immersive design experience that takes the pop-up display over to the dark side.

Thursday 7 March 2019 will see the official launch of CREMA’s pop-up display at 99 Juta Street in Braamfontein. Meanwhile, the pop-up will run from Monday to Saturday between 9am and 5pm through the months of February and March 2019.

For CREMA this will be an opportunity to showcase yet unseen lighting designs by acclaimed British designer Tom Dixon whose current love affair with black is both rigorous and timeless, even a little fetishistic.

Drawing viewers out of the light and into the shadows, this nuanced altar of black design pieces from lacquered and glossy to honed and perforated, is destined to titillate. This seductive line up will include Dixon’s Melt and Cut pendants as well as ‘Copper Shades’ in a new black finish, with Boom and Bell table lamps, all arranged and displayed in trailblazing curatorial style.

Visitors can expect a Salone del Mobile calibre installation that takes Art Deco minimalism and spikes it with a modern Eastern aesthetic. This dark and dramatic cast will be presented against a backdrop of graphic marbleised monochromatic wallpaper and a showstopper architectural staircase.

Besides evocative lighting displays there will also be a curated exhibit of other desirable lighting and furniture pieces inspired by Dixon’s insatiable bent for black; these will be pulled from a number of leading brands within the CREMA stable including Muuto, Diesel, &Tradition, Lee Broom, HAY, Gubi and FLOS.

The pop-up will play with themes of darkness, luminosity, contrast and humour and visitors should expect an unapologetic display that is fated to provoke and delight.


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