Country Road launches its continuation of the Live With US series, in collaboration with Maps Maponyane. This edition focuses on the distinct mindfulness of spatial use together with product placement.

The concept of refreshed energy, colour, harmony and arrangement, touch on a holistic approach to conscious living, one of the elements which underpins the Country Road philosophy aligned with sustainability, style, quality and comfort.

This edition is supported by the structural insight of Gemma Quinn, Master KonMari™ Consultant, who segments the mindfulness around organisation and compartmentalisation within the home space. The results are that of “sparking joy” and eliminating clutter.

The trichotomy of Country Road merchandise and product, the mindset and home space of Maps Maponyane and guidance of Gemma Quinn, allow for a beautifully integrated approach to successful living.

Based in Johannesburg, the renowned home of Maps Maponyane showcases the all-encompassing Country Road lifestyle. With all elements carefully considered, Maps lives the brand’s philosophy in the mental and physical sense.

Segmenting this lifestyle into various spaces, this Live With US edition hones in on the following spaces: wardrobe, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and lounge area. Each representing an array of luxury comfort and clarity.

Starting with the wardrobe, attention is drawn to the Country Road Sustainably Sourced Denim, placed in harmony alongside an iconic white Country Road T-shirt, which perfectly illustrates how “joy might come from the perfect cut, or high-quality fabric. Once you’ve identified the clothes which spark joy, folding and storing them using the KonMari™ Method allows you to protect, see and access all of your clothes at once and creates a beautiful ordered feel in your wardrobe” says Quinn.

This season’s most anticipated linen collection adorns the bedroom in enigmatic emerald tones, coupled with Country Road candles to create an “inviting bedroom with beautiful smells, the warm light of candles, and a soft bed…” The bathroom space highlights the best of Country Road’s soap dispensers and towels which further show that “decanting hand soap and shower products into beautiful dispensers is one way to give your bathroom a calming visual consistency”.

Further to this, journeying through the Kitchen and Lounge area shows how mindfulness around storage products can bring through visual calmness, while only displaying sentimental items in the lounge allows “the most joyful belongings to be on display.”

This edition’s looks will be available to shop online and in stores from September 2019, when the holistic product offering will be curated for customers to purchase accordingly.

“Our premium fabrics and quality craftsmanship inform every design across Woman, Man, Child and Home. We are Country Road and we invite you to live with us.”


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