This modern home decor business is built on the foundation of African traditional ways, forms and concepts. It offers timeless pieces that blend indigenous artisanal traditions and modern design to create a contemporary aesthetic with the intention to immortalise Africa in this modern age, and to become preservers of African knowledge in art form.



In its new collection, Home Artist celebrates stories by articulating history in the now. We invite you to take a look at the Umsebenzi Wokuhlola collection – a work of imagination, where art is a curious experiment that questions and honours knowledge and foundations.

Engulfed in the warmth of imbawula (fire pit), firewood softly crackling in the background, a little girl’s deep brown eyes zealously look up to her Gogo (grandmother) to narrate inganekwane (fable).

The old woman warmly looks at the little one, and moves closer to imbawula, she then calls the others, and they all encircle the orange flames. With the glistening sound of the fire, Gogo then starts to narrate ancient tales, accounts of a life past and a world filled with mystery. The little girls’ imagination expands as she’s taken on an adventure of the old world, a portal to the secrets of the old revealed. It is these stories that gave life to Home Artist.



Founded in 2019, Home Artist designs and creates furniture, decorative objects, and artworks with a quintessentially African flair. Their goal is to bring together a community of Afro-artisans and makers, encouraging the traditional practices of Africa’s rich cultural heritage, while simultaneously producing contemporary furniture and products.

Home Artist is built around the stories of the African continent, merging art and craftsmanship to create unique yet accessible pieces at an affordable price point. Pieces are rooted in African culture and values, with expert craftsmanship that respects the nature of its people.

The studio sources from an ever-growing network of expert artisans and craftspeople from across the continent. Working closely with artisans to improve techniques and quality, Home Artist ensures the best possible product for the customer as each product is handcrafted with passion and care.

Home Artist honours the artisans who make our work come to life, offering quality designs for busy homes, and distinctive designs for the adventurous soul.

creative director: Phumzile Pugeni | photography: Jane & Co (email: |Visit: store website here | Instagram here