Chisko, born in Tapalpa, Jalisco in Mexico, expresses himself through bold oil painting inspired by art from his native country. His new canvases and compositions that extend themselves into an eruption of colours and expressive shapes and forms demonstrate a radical sophistication and sobriety.

Expressions of his responses to the nature of life are infused with a sense of rebellion, a spiritual search for new sensations to ultimately shift paradigms. Chisko’s combinations of colour, archetypal symbols and abstract composition are inimitable and wild. The element of distortion in his representation of space and time makes us feel like he is holding our faces in his hands and as if whispering into our ears, ‘Come back to who and what you really are. Look at the mystery and know that it is infinite. As are you’.

Chisko’s themes reveal that the nature of our planet, our cosmic connections, ancestry and future remain rich with purpose. His style evokes an affair with spontaneity as he tangibly chooses to be intimate with the unpredictable, depicting playfully with a balance of naïve lines versus clean precision. His creative dimension emerges from a silence through which evident wonder and investigation are born onto his canvases.

‘Having imagined portraits all my life, my dreams began to tell me at the age of 17 that I had to paint. As soon as I close my eyes images flood my mind one after the other. Many of these become the basis for my paintings,’ says Chisko. Some heavier outlines create convincing solidity, a sense of a well-rooted centre that juxtaposes his representations of symbolism. His dynamic is happy to paint fast and intensely and this sincerity shines through his oil.

For the full article see Habitat #262 November / December 2017

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