World Water Day is a critically important day of observance for people around the globe, as we continue to discuss the long-term effects that we, as humans, have on the environment around us. While opinions divide on these effects, World Water Day aims to inspire people around the world to learn more about water-related issues and to act where they can.

The theme for 2019 is “leaving no one behind” and encourages people to remember marginalized groups who are often overlooked or discriminated against in their search for access to water. These groups include women, children, refugees, indigenous peoples and people living with disabilities. This year´s message is clear: Water is your human right.

The scope

Some of the issues focused on are water pollution, water scarcity, inadequate water supplies, lack of sanitation and the impacts of climate change. This day also sheds light on the unequal access to water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) by many groups of people and further affirms the right to water and sanitation for all people. In many areas across the world, the bottom line is that there is a water crisis.

Hansgrohe’s commitment

For South Africans, water scarcity is a topic well grappled with, especially for those living in or travelling to the Western Cape. This is why Hansgrohe’s EcoSmart technology aims to leave no one behind when it comes to a commitment to saving water, as sanitation manufacturers in touch with the people they serve.

Hansgrohe taps and showers are fitted with EcoSmart technology, consuming up to 60% less water than conventional products. This lower water consumption also equates to less energy consumption; effectively doing two jobs in one.

Some of the benefits of EcoSmart technology include:

  • Water consumption reduced to 9 l/min on overhead and hand showers (green products consume only 6 l/min)
  • Hansgrohe taps require only 5 litres of water per minute as standard
  • Decreased hot water consumption, and reduced energy consumption and costs accordingly
  • Lower CO2emissions due to reduced energy consumption
  • Constant flow rate, even at different water pressures
  • A real treat, even with a low flow rate – a full, bubbling jet of water thanks to the enrichment with air

Hansgrohe in action

Rated the most sustainable company in the sanitation industry in 2018 by consumers, Hansgrohe is acknowledged for its ability to handle precious resources with care – without hindering effectiveness.

It is because of this that Hansgrohe refuses to compromise functionality, yet still manages to deliver innovative sanware that are specifically designed to assist with water-saving flow rates.

What´s more is that Hansgrohe continues to focus on Research & Development in sustainable solutions, ensuring that innovation, quality and design work hand in hand with eco-friendly products. Going green has, in fact, never looked so good.

A word from the top

David Cooper, MD of Hansgrohe South Africa, recently had this to say, “Being constantly aware of the fact that we are experiencing a drought and that we need to be water wise is key. What’s more, it shouldn’t take a drought for us to be looking at water-wise products and practices. Across the country, we should all be conscious of the amount of water that we use and make an effort to use this precious resource sparingly. By each one of us being mindful of all our water resources, we can work towards a more sustainable, long-term future for our country and our planet.”

So, are you making every drop count this World Water Day?

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