Heritage Day on Friday September 24th is a day that celebrates South Africa’s rich, vibrant roots and diverse cultures. As one of the oldest wine farms in the country with a recorded history dating back to 1692, Spier pours a lot into the preservation of the farm’s cultural heritage.

A leisurely walk around the farm will quickly reveal one of their greatest artefacts: an unrivalled 21 Cape Dutch gables. A gable is a decorative feature added to the intersection of a roof, most prominently used in 17th-century architecture. As it happens, Spier is home to 21 architecturally significant gables – the most of any wine estate in South Africa! These meticulously restored gables represent half a century in time and virtually the entire range of styles of that period. As a proudly South African winery, the 21 Gables range pays homage to the farm’s more than 300-year winemaking heritage and unique architectural legacy.





In honour of Heritage Day, Spier will hold a limited-edition Wine & Food Tasting Experience. The tasting platter was inspired by traditional South African culinary dishes that bring comfort and delight to many. There are nine delicious nibbles to indulge in, starting with light, fluffy pumpkin fritters served with a sweet amazi gel and raisin chutney and followed by a vibrant thyme & honey beetroot salad tossed in a fynbos vinaigrette. Next up, you’ll be treated to traditional chakalaka and pap served with cabbage, chili and curry accompaniments and Cape Malay inspired bunny chow. Of course, no South African tasting would be complete without a flavourful boerewors roll or samp and bean salad. The platter rounds off with a tasty biltong happie, spiced milk tart and crunchy koeksister.

The platter is served alongside four award-winning wines from the 21 Gables Range. This includes the Sauvignon Blanc, Chenin Blanc, Pinotage and Cabernet Sauvignon. Each single varietal wine is an expression of the vintage, terroir and tells the story of the land.

Chenin Blanc has an extensive history at Spier, with archives indicating that the first Chenin Blanc vines were planted on Spier in the 1700s! Today, the 21 Gables Chenin Blanc is crafted from 40-year-old vines that result in a rich and complex wine with excellent ageing potential. Pinotage is another grape that pays tribute to our South Africa heritage. Celebrated as the country’s only indigenous variety, it was created in 1925 by Professor Abraham Izak Perold of Stellenbosch.

Professor Perold famously grafted Pinot Noir and Cinsaut vines together. More than 96 years later, this uniquely South African varietal is celebrated as a gem and a firm favourite at Spier.

True to character yet distinctive in style, the 21 Gables Pinotage offers a beautifully balanced and complex wine that will last beyond the decade.

To complete the experience, each wine is served in a beautiful Riedel glass to bring out the best flavours of both the wine and food.



Available from the Spier Tasting Room 7 days / week 1 September to 31 October 2021

This platter and wine pairing will cost R185 pp.

Reservations advised. Book your tasting now.