Skinny laMinx is a design company that’s all about pattern and colour, with a good dose of African chic. Everything at Skinny laMinx is designed by Heather Moore, and is made in South Africa.

It all started in 2007 when self-taught designer Ms Moore was making papercuts and screenprints in her studio, and selling them online in an Etsy shop. By 2012, the business had grown so much that she opened a store and studio in central Cape Town, at 201 Bree Street. Each year, Skinny laMinx launches a new textile collection, as well as a number of exclusive capsule collections and collaborations. In 2017, the Bree Street shop turns five years old, which will be celebrated with a complete store renovation.

Skinny laMinx designs are individual, simple, clear and accessible, appealing to people all over the world who share Heather’s interest in shapes, colours and styles. There’s a feeling of Scandinavian simplicity, pared-down Japanese restraint, and South African exuberance all rolled into one fresh and distinctive style.