Candice Berman from the renowned Candice Berman Gallery launches an exquisite new range of custom frames this winter. 7 shades of grey on 6 profiles, from Karoo Drift to Phantom Ship on Ramen, Maple and Kiaat wood. These colours pair well with greens, woods and complement both the warmer and cooler shades of grey and beige.

They will provide custom & boutique framing to the 5 levels as prescribed by the British Fine Art Trade Guild and is also a qualified Guild Commended Framer. Their workshop is the only Fine Art Trade Guild Certified Advanced Conservation Framer in South Africa.

They do your framing to the Guild’s prescribed specification sheet either to the minimum level, budget level, commended level, conservation level, as well as museum level depending on customer requirements. If correctly framed and labelled with their Fine Art Trade Guild labels you will not have any rejections at international auction houses.

They can also finish any of their natural profiles to any size and finish required. Therefore, large paintings will never prove to be problematic again as they manufacture lengths of up to 5 meters if required.

They also cater for hotels and developments that require specially designed mouldings and artwork or prints. From inception, they work with the architects or interior designers, meeting their exact needs.