Angelica is a stunning 18-year-old beauty. Tonight she is wearing a gorgeous white ball gown. She rests her head on the shoulder of Tancredi, a very handsome young gentleman. He is a Sicilian prince and soon she will be his wife, fulfilling the destiny she has always dreamed of. In the ballroom all the guests are staring at them. The young couple represent the very image of happiness and beauty…

That scene is one of the most famous of Italian cinema. It is the climax of Il Gattopardo, a film by Luchino Visconti released in 1963. The second part of the film takes place during a sumptuous ball at Palazzo Gangi in Palermo. It is the perfect example of a very typical aspect of Italian art de vivre: La Festa.

In June 2017, Bulgari chose to celebrate the joy of Italian art de vivre with a spectacular collection of High Jewellery called Festa. More than 100 jewels and high-end watches were specially created for this collection that pays homage to the sense of pure happiness of the Italian Festas. The collection was presented in Venice, the home town of two Festas, which are famous worldwide: the legendary Carnival and the Regatta Storica. So, last year in June Bulgari celebrated a third Venetian Festa with its focus being on one of a kind jewellery creations

Says Lucia Silvestri, Jewellery Creation & Gem Buying Director at Bulgari: ‘The main inspiration of the Festa collection is happiness. Joy, and sharing that joy with others in a public or private celebration is very much part of the Italian art de vivre. I have experienced it all my life and it’s something that can be found in Rome, Venice, Tuscany and in Puglia; in fact everywhere in Italy. The Festa runs deep in our way of life.

‘This theme is closely linked to Bulgari, as one of the purposes of our jewels is to give joy and happiness to the women who wear them. A woman who wears Bulgari jewels is also a woman who has a grasp on her life, she can choose her way and make her destiny larger than anyone would have ever dreamed. Designing this collection has been an absolute joy.’

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