Home Connect is already a prominent offering overseas for Bosch and Siemens Home Appliances allowing homeowners to control their household appliances using their smartphones or tablets. This means homeowners will be able to preheat the oven while they are still in the supermarket. But Home Connect goes a step further, homeowners are given tips and tricks on using the appliances and suitable accessories which can be ordered in just a few clicks, as well as recipe ideas, information on the status of appliances and technical support help for any malfunctions.

Home Connect uses wireless Internet (Wi-Fi) to connect household appliances with a specific smartphone or tablet. This means they do not need any additional hardware: just a device with Home Connect functionality and the app that can be downloaded for free for iOS and Android. Appliances that have an integrated Wi-Fi chip are remotely controlled and managed using Home Connect. Across the world, the networking of devices – the internet of things – is a mega trend. Networking has been a part of our daily lives for some time now: heat, light, security, multimedia and entertainment are just a few examples of the use of this technology.

The evening left guests with much to consider on how these global trends will influence industries and how business leaders will have to use innovation and embrace global trends to stay relevant in the market

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Chang is known for rattling traditional cages in a world struggling to adapt to a new world order, he uses a global perspective to gauge the zeitgeist and track ahead-of-the-curve trends to identify shifting business templates. With 20 years’ experience in the magazine industry as a journalist and media spokesperson, he is able to provide insights into the ever-changing relationship between brands, consumers and the communication channels that bind them. Chang lectures a “trends as business strategy” module for executives and senior management at various business schools including UCT’s Graduate School of Business, GIBS and Duke CE. He specialises as a disruption management consultant and is passionate about embedding a culture of innovation into corporate operating systems. He has a deep affiliation for youth trends and subcultures, their impact and influence on our new world order, as well as innovative ideas for greater good. Chang is also part of Flux Trends specialises in understanding consumer mindset and identifying unexpected business opportunities within shifting trends, ensuring that global trends have relevance when translated for African, and South African businesses.

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