Brian Slavin was born and educated in the UK and after grammar school he attended a two year Fine Art course in Cheshire, learning the basic fundamentals of painting and sculpture. He recalls: ‘This included the principles of drawing and the understanding of both line and space. I then followed through by completing a three year Diploma course in interior design at Birmingham College of Art, before joining a company in London that specialised in hotel design throughout Europe. I developed a range of bedroom furniture, which received a Design Centre Award and, due to this exposure, was invited to South Africa on a six week contract, to design for a newly formed group of companies. It was here that I created my first range of kitchen furniture in 1973 and so began my long affair with this industry.’

What has changed and what are the 2016 trends in kitchen design?

Says Slavin: ‘Trends in most products tend to be short-lived by virtue of fickle fashionistas. As designers, I believe that we have a responsibility to ensure a durable design pedigree that acknowledges fashion, but is not hostage to false predictions. However, when appropriate we should embrace all new technology and materials and continually work to upgrade our ranges of kitchens, which embody our own personal signature and that of our clients.

For the full article see Habitat #255 September / October 2016