With refrigerators, freezers, fridge-freezers and wine units, Miele’s new MasterCool generation offers a wide range of large-cabinet refrigeration products. All models lend themselves to flexible combinations, which allows personal preferences to be met and maximum storage capacities to be created.

More design possibilities

MasterCool trumps with a broad model range that completely supersedes the existing lineup, says Miele’s Liam Gawne: “All models stand at least 212cm tall, and widths vary between 45cm and 90cm. Fridge-freezer models with French doors represent a very special feature – not only do they offer an extremely elegant design format, but they are also a good option when space is at a premium, as when open, the slender door sections take up less space.”

Handleless design is a reality

Push2open technology, already successfully established on Miele’s gourmet drawers and wine units, is now also available on solid doors on Miele’s large-cabinet refrigeration products. This technology makes handless kitchen design effortless to achieve – all that is required is a brief push on the door to activate the integrated mechanism. The ‘wow’ effect created by seemingly magically opening the door, is further enhanced by the new BrilliantLight feature that immerses the interior in bright light thanks to narrow LED light strips on the side walls of Miele’s new refrigeration products.

Super easy manual opening

 Customers preferring handles on their cabinetry or stainless-steel fronts are also accommodated with MasterCool’s door opening aid – Pull2open – which is activated via the display. Liam expalins: “In much the same way as power steering operates a car, Pull2Open ensures effortless manual opening of Miele’s heavy refrigerator doors. The technology operates by detecting when an attempt is being made to open the door, and it automatically releases an internal pusher to ensure that less manual force is required to open the door in question.”

Inner grandeur through convenient features

A glance inside Miele’s new Mastercool refrigeration appliances reveals premium features that further enhance the credentials of these very special appliances. Copious amounts of glass, aluminium profiles, heavy-duty hinges and racks, LED lighting, as well as a high-quality, modern and intuitive user interface meet the eye. Another eyecatcher on several freezer models is the IceMaker, which provides welcome relief in hot weather with its ability to make ice cubes fast.

Invisible features offer phenomenal functionality

 Features that are invisible to the eye also help put these machines squarely in the flagship class, notes Liam: “These include various technologies such as NoFrost that dispenses with the need for manual defrosting, separate refrigeration circuits for precise temperature control, and dynamic cooling that ensures more uniform temperature distribution throughout the entire cabinet, to name a few. New to MasterCool is the fact that these appliances are now linked to the Miele@mobile app, which allows users to call up status indicators and activate selected functions ‘on the fly’.”

Refrigeration technology that supersedes all others

 Thanks to the MasterFresh system, large quantities of fruit, vegetables, meat, fish and dairy products can stay fresh for up to three times longer. Liam notes: “Miele’s MasterCool’s large MasterFresh drawers provide the ideal micro-climate for specific types of food by guaranteeing adapted temperature and humidity levels.”

Pungent odours often occur in refrigerators, in particular when storing a wide range of different foodstuffs. To prevent these appliances from becoming a cocktail of unpleasant smells, or to stop odours spreading and impairing other food items, all MasterCool’s refrigerator compartments feature an Active AirClean filter, explains Liam: “Thanks to a combination of active ingredients consisting of active charcoal and chitosan, virtually all odours are filtered out.”

Large-capacity wine units

The new wine units in Miele’s new MasterCool series also feature similar innovative technology and benchmark-setting design. For example, they are equipped with an Active AirClean filter, and their external dimensions and capacities have been upgraded to match the new dimensions. They also feature an updated elegant and practical SommelierSet for professional decanting, conditioning and presentation of fine wines. The adjustable wooden racks (FlexiFrame), made from resilient Beechwood,  allow wine and champagne to be kept in three different temperature zones – providing optimum storage conditions.

For more information, to find a Miele stockist closest to you, or to shop online, visit www.miele.co.za.


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