Lemon’s expansion into a wider product range has been the result of a long and considered process, through which co-owners Kevin and Ricky Frankental have been intent on maintaining the brand’s commitment to quality. Accordingly, the team has taken its time to develop new lines under the Lemon umbrella with care, and bring on brands, and is now proud to announce its association with renowned designers &Tradition and MENU.

Because Lemon is committed to its manufacturing and design standards above all else, it wasn’t feasible to produce everything from lighting to furniture and accessories inhouse without logistical challenges, and the potential risk of compromising on quality, so when looking to expand its offering into new territory (lighting and accessories), the directors were careful to look to suppliers with a similar approach and aesthetic.

It was in this spirit that they have welcomed prestigious Danish brands &Tradition and MENU to the Lemon family. These sought-after Scandinavian brands are renowned for their pared-back silhouettes and sophisticated and understated ethos.

‘We’re thrilled to be able to supply such beautiful products locally – both &Tradition and MENU resonate with Lemon’s values and complement our existing, and growing, product range,’ says Kevin on the partnership.

‘As our core clientele is the design community, we wanted to offer a 360-degree range of products, such that an interior designer can come to us and fulfil most of their needs for a project,’ he adds. To make that a reality, the team has been careful to create ranges that complement one another – always underpinned by the brand’s signature simplicity.

The result is a comprehensive range of product – from artworks (the company’s core range when it was founded) to furniture and decorative items that offer the tools and inspiration for designers and homeowners alike to create whole environments, rather than just rooms, with products that work seamlessly together.

While you can order most of the new brands’ range through Lemon, the owners have curated a selection that best aligns with its current range. ‘We’ve carefully chosen lighting, accessories and furniture items that marry well with our own designs, in order to give our clients a harmonious package that really works,’ says Kevin.

The combination of brands is a match made in heaven – with all on the high-end side of the scale, and similarly simple yet sophisticated, the permutations possible by mixing products in a space are endless, and foolproof.

visit: www.madebylemon.co.za | tel: +27 11 262 4116


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