The popularity of the Bette One drop-in bath’s elegant shape has now reached local shores. Made in Germany and hand-picked for the South African market, the clear-cut purist design of the bath results from its manufacture in steel enamel and comes with a 30-year master craftsman’s warranty.

Through a combination of expertise, state-of-the-art processes, high-tech facilities and hand craftsmanship, Bette has developed a reputation for excellence. The company has customised its own advanced steel moulding process, which ensures a uniform thickness across the product, to provide a perfect surface for the enamel process. Each bath is enameled with the BetteGlaze® process, which is resistant to UV light meaning that the colour of the bath will not yellow, fade or lose its shine. The bath is easy to clean and only needs a wipe down with a dry cloth after use; harsher methods of cleaning will not scratch the surface.



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