Modern African manufacturer Belgotex, has launched a collection of LVT flooring that visits all corners of the world without taking anything away from these places of wonder – except inspiration.

Part of Belgotex’s Specialised Products Division, LVT (luxury vinyl tiles, also known as luxury vinyl planks or LVP) is the fastest growing flooring category in the world and the flooring specialist has unveiled a new collection comprising six designs, each with its own distinct qualities and available in colours that will suit all décor schemes.

Presented in a shoot that shows the versatility of the product, how it can easily extend from residential to commercial spaces, the sets are somewhat open to interpretation but all offer the same opportunity to escape, with viewers invited to consider the past so that they might look upon a bold new future.

Visual influences include an eloquent palette, unexpected texture, layered compositions, woven craft, hand-crafted art, bespoke props, dusty tones and unusual directives that make each scene come alive. This is the stuff of lucid dreams – a sleep induced by the gentle swaying of a hammock under some Mediterranean Modernist portico… dirty brights viewed under a shady palm… the shimmer of light seen on some distant horizon on a sweltering day… an old-world aesthetic elevated to create something that feels immediately fresh.

And while Belgotex’s superior LVT invites us to reimagine how a floor scale can enrich our lives, referencing a rich provenance in order to let our imagination soar, this is ultimately a floor covering that’s pragmatic by nature.

LVT is a hardwearing and resilient product suited for commercial and residential application. By mimicking traditional flooring at a fraction of the cost – and with quicker application and less maintenance required – it boasts the natural good looks of wood, marble, concrete, terrazzo and ceramics with technical superiority and a trend-led approach to design.

The brand-new collection comprised of Fortitude, Sylvan, Hardwood, Terrazzi, Morphic and Slab has mastered the art of imitation via innovation that includes hyper-real graphics and texture, resulting in an enhanced flooring unrivalled in its durability, value and performance.

If you’ve ever felt that there might be something bigger beyond the horizon, this new luxury vinyl statement is your chance to take flight.


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