In an on-going effort to reach significant sustainability milestones, Belgotex Floors has received the respected GreenTag eco-label certification. This makes them the first South African flooring manufacturer to earn the prestigious award. The products’ ability to achieve 100 percent of the available credit points across all Green Building Council rating tools has been maximised.

They’re making their mark across the world-renowned, six sustainability criterias that indicate a product’s relative performance in achieving a complete eco-friendly status. The GreenTag certification, in its esteemed nature, solidifies Belgotex Flooring as a world contributor of environment-friendly products.

They were subjected to GreenTag’s robust and rigorous assessment process, achieving maximum compliance against their sustainability criteria. These include Health and Eco-toxicity, Life-cycle Analysis (material extraction, durability, end of life), Product Emissions (for Green House Gases), as well as Social Responsibility.

South Africa’s Green Building Council (GBCSA) recognises GreenRate certification to award points to projects that use green certified products.



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