B&B Italia expands to include a new subject: SAKé, the new seating system designed by Piero Lissoni. Seats are available in three sizes, with embracing or linear backs and arms of various dimensions to adapt the set-up to personal space and taste. The system is enhanced by a chaise longue that lends itself to various interpretations: as the terminal element in a linear composition with a more enveloping back and the addition of arms; or, alongside another chaise lounge, creating a sofa with deep seating. A sofa bed, the only one in the B&B Italia collection, is also available.

SAKé’s image was inspired by the movement of Modernism that emerged in the early 1900s. One of the most spectacular examples of this trend is the Maison de Verre, designed by Pierre Chareau in Paris, and the campaign was freely inspired by this building. The stylistic imprint is the epitome of cultural contamination: the wood prototype of the Up5 chair, famous icon of Italian design and part of the B&B Italia collection, interacts with antique pieces of oriental style, which gives the room a rare and acquired air.

visit: www.illusso.co.za


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