Let’s Pause is not just a furniture brand, it’s a way of understanding life, of creation over time, looking after life’s small details, living the moment and being aware of that moment. Their collection is not just furniture, it’s more a case of the land being brought into the interior. This starts with the sense of smell of handmade furniture – the aroma of nature as a quality that will endure over its entire lifecycle.

Their forms have irregular and organic shapes that make each piece unique, while a tactile quality celebrates untreated finishes that reconnect with nature. Esparto (Mediterranean grass), poplar wood, bamboo and rushes are used because these materials thrive in the open countryside and are plants native to the Mediterranean. The expert hands of craftsmen turn these primal materials into lamps, tables, chaises longues and bed boards. No varnish or any chemical treatments are used in their construction or on their surfaces, meaning that if these artefacts are returned to where they originated from, they would be reclaimed by nature and absorbed back into its cycle.

visit: www.letspause.es


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