Bang & Olufsen products extend far beyond hardware. They create bespoke products that individuals are not simply proud of in terms of performance, but that they are equally proud to have as a part of their home interior.

The product colourways are inspired by global interior and fashions trends, while the designs emphasise their honest, natural material and Scandinavian aesthetics. This approach certainly contributes to Bang & Olufsen’s unique position in the interior space.

The latest addition to the range is the Beosound Edge speaker, designed by acclaimed lighting designer, Michael Anastassiades . The speaker is testament to his minimalist design approach. The timeless and refined exterior hides an acoustic masterpiece at its core. Looking completely unlike your average home speaker, the simplistic aluminium circle has the look of a contemporary art piece.  To further accommodate your décor ideals, it is available in a sophisticated colour palette comprising of Silver, Bronze and Brass Tone.

The circular, gravity-defying speaker has proximity sensors that know when you’re nearby and will discreetly illuminate the touch interface accordingly. Volume can be adjusted by gently rolling the Beosound backwards or forwards. It’s the optimal example of Bang & Olufsen’s pioneering aluminium-making capabilities, with a flawless finish – a visibly pure and simple object.  It comes with a matte black fabric cover, with the option to exchange this for other colours over time. 360-degree room-filling sound comes from both sides of the speaker allowing for new Directional Sound Control, and the Beosound provides an exceptional streaming experience and supports voice interaction.

Beosound Edge is now available in Bang & Olufsen stores for a recommended retail price of R56 630. To find out more, please visit and follow the conversation at @bangolufsen


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