BeoVision Horizon is designed to meet the modern lifestyle demands of flexibility, connectivity and extraordinary quality. It’s also a lifestyle where your home takes on different roles and adapts quickly to the changes in your daily routines. Enter BeoVision Horizon, a screen that literally fits in anywhere regardless of your way of living and decorating. It’s also a less formal, more casual TV experience you get with today’s introduction, one that follows your rhythm – and one you actively can choose as the centre of entertainment.

This new 4K Ultra HD TV offers total freedom in terms of placement – with automatic image optimization for varying viewing conditions – and the ever evolving Android TV platform brings integrated access to all your favourite content and entertainment apps.

“BeoVision Horizon is all about flexibility and connectivity, creating social spaces and sharing great experiences. This 4K UHD TV packs everything into one vigorous and beautiful solution that provides an extraordinary, yet casual viewing experience”, says Marie Kristine Schmidt, Vice President Brand, Design & Marketing.

Minimalistic design

BeoVision Horizon is designed by Torsten Valeur with disciplined attention to the finer details. It’s a classic Bang & Olufsen TV, stripped of anything superfluous. This uncompromising minimalism makes it blend in and complement any interior – or stand out with prominence, as you wish.

The black aluminium frame almost disappears when viewed from the front, but gives the screen perspective and depth when viewed from the side. Below the screen, rows of aluminium lamellas stylishly cover the speakers behind them. The lamellas are conical and slightly angled to give the best possible acoustic performance.

BeoVision Horizon mounts elegantly on the wall, but it can also be placed on a set of wheels, a 360 degree rotating floor stand or casually leaned back on the floor on an easel stand.

Optimum picture and sound

Although moving the TV around may expose it to varying viewing conditions due to sunlight or artificial lighting, BeoVision Horizon has a built-in solution. The TV has a sensor that measures the lighting conditions and adjusts the screen accordingly. The result is crystal clear images and a natural viewing experience that is easy on the eyes.

BeoVision Horizon delivers beautiful and powerful sound on its own without external audio backup. However, BeoVision Horizon is equipped with the Immaculate Wireless Sound – offering the opportunity to add extra speakers without cables. Just plug the active speakers into the mains in the room and connect wirelessly to BeoVision Horizon.

Smart access to online content

The Android Smart TV platform provides direct and easy access to an endless amount of web-based content from services like Google Play, as well as applications for entertainment, news and gaming.

The integrated Google Cast technology enables streaming of movies, photos and music straight from a mobile phone or tablet to the BeoVision Horizon.

BeoRemote One and Multiroom

BeoVision Horizon is intuitively managed via the beautiful Bluetooth BeoRemote One. The ergonomically designed Bluetooth BeoRemote One is crafted from a single piece of aluminium and includes dedicated MyButtons to carry out various predefined actions.