BeoSound 1 is a wireless speaker system designed for convenience, crafted for mobility and featuring an impressive 360 degrees of spherical sound magic. It’s Bang & Olufsen’s answer to an ever-changing everyday life; ultra-flexible in terms of usability, connectivity and placement options.

‘We live in a time of cord cutting where everyone wants more freedom, unhindered by technological restriction. BeoSound 1 is designed to cater for a flexible lifestyle where music blends naturally into the home. The design is unobtrusive yet powerful, underscoring the purpose of the speakers,’ so says Marie Kristine Schmidt, Vice President Brand Design & Marketing.

The sturdy yet elegant aluminium design profile of BeoSound 1 blends into any interior with a subtle touch of delicacy and ease. Place the speakers anywhere the music is required: on a shelf, casually on the floor, by a coffee table – or even outdoors. The conical body hovers slightly above the ground, letting the thumps of the bass units out beneath. The aluminium surface tapers upwards from the base consistently, only slightly open at the top for acoustical reasons.

BeoSound 1 is a portable, lightweight wireless speaker with a battery-driven option crafted for mobility. It has a small groove under the top to ensure a better grip when it’s lifted up and moved around, and it’s equipped with the renowned Acoustic Lens Technology from classic Bang & Olufsen speakers such as: BeoLab 5 and BeoLab 18. The acoustic driver is placed in the top of the speakers, playing into a reflector that creates a spherical and powerful 360 degree sound experience.

Multiple connectivity options such as Google Cast, AirPlay, DNLA and Bluetooth offer easy access from mobile devices and music apps. BeoSound 1 also provides integrated access to TuneIn Internet radio stations as well as Spotify and Deezer music services to allow streaming of music without using a smartphone or tablet.

BeoSound 1 introduces a magical experience using proximity sensors that enable control of the basic operations on the speaker intuitively. As the sensor detects a presence it’s ready for commands with the user interface turned towards the user. Turn the wheel to adjust the volume, and simply swipe and tap on the top for other commands.