Setting oneself apart from the masses. Gratifying the need for uniqueness. Striking out in a new direction. This is AXOR MyEdition’s mission statement; an ideal which is adhered to in every flawless curve and every perfect plane of their products.


AXOR MyEdition now offers the very first mixer with Hansgrohe’s PowderRain technology. PowderRain is a heavenly water experience that comes with QuickClean technology – for easy cleaning – and a flow rate of 5 litres per minute. It also comes with decoupled water conduction which frees your water from lead and nickel interference. The new ceramic cartridge adds an easy, comfortable and ergonomic aspect to the mixer.

Back to Basics

AXOR follows four simple basic tenets to create all of their products: reduction, richness, unobtrusiveness and separation. This allows all AXOR products to keep a harmonious appearance in tandem with long-lasting design and high-value execution. This, in turn, leads into a distinctive presence in the bathroom which does not intrude on the overall harmony of the room.


The AXOR MyEdition range was named because of its ability to speak to anyone. There are over 225 possibilities when it comes to choosing materials, covers and designs inside your bathroom. That’s enough choice to individualise your sanitary fittings to the most minute of details.


Part of this amazing ‘choose-your-own’ concept includes AXOR FinishPlus – a range of physical vapour deposition finishes which can come either polished or brushed. There are 15 highly exclusive finishes to choose from, including a stunning Polished Red Gold and a debonair Brushed Black Chrome. AXOR FinishPlus isn’t just about looks, however, and also adds practicality in the form of a more robust coating and increased durability.

Signature Style

Perhaps one of AXOR’s most exciting 2019 lines is the AXOR Signature – a range of different material finishes for your MyEdition faucets and mixers. Go with Glass to feel the precious sensuality of translucence. Go with Wood to feel the rich roar of the outdoors. Go with Marble to feel the exquisite luxury of the elite. Or go with Leather to feel the suave and gentle touch of quality.

A word from the top

“AXOR MyEdition is not a faucet. It is a monolith, a piece of furniture,” says Andreas Diefenbach of Phoenix Design.  “It is a fusion of reduction and richness, of simplicity and luxury. Adaptable. And changeable.”

In short, AXOR MyEdition is for you.

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