Solo Studios, an annual event that has firmly made a name for itself on the events calendar, will be taking place in the Riebeek Valley from the 8th to the 11th of August.

This bespoke art experience – now in its fourth year – provides a rare opportunity to visit acclaimed artists in their studios to view and purchase their art straight off the easel. Art on offer ranges from highly collectible pricier originals to smaller, more affordable artworks, prints, and offshoot items. So there is something for all budgets.

ARTS TOWN explained
A colony of acclaimed artists has made the Riebeek Valley their home – no surprise with its breathtaking views and inspirational setting. This has given birth to Arts Tourism, a new form of “industry” in this predominantly agricultural area, which has subsequently breathed new life into the economy of this rural community.

SOLO STUDIOS – Intimate Art Encounters is the showpiece art event hosted by the Riebeek Valley, which has been named “ARTS TOWN” due to the proliferation of artists, art, and related art activities found in the Valley.

“Besides Solo Studios, there are many other exhibitions, attractions and activities throughout the year, ranging from artist retreats and workshops, performances, street parties, festivals and the like”, says Astrid McLeod, owner and curator of The Gallery and RK Contemporary, the two permanent galleries in town. “We are truly blessed with the high density of creatives that call the valley home, which has validated us declaring ourselves “ARTS TOWN”!”

Among the renowned contemporary artists who have made the Riebeek Valley their home, and who will be taking part in Solo Studios 2019, are Andre van Vuuren, Emma Willemse, Jenny Parsons, Tamlin Blake and Riaan van Zyl, to name but a handful. In addition, the valley is home to a myriad of crafters and artisans – jewelers, ceramicists, potters, leather crafters, sculptors, musicians, writers, poets, winemakers, craft brewers, dance troupes and community project participants.

  More about Solo Studios – Intimate Art Encounter

Klaus Piprek, founder and driving force behind Solo Studios explains that you will not find a flea market or beer tents on the village square at Solo Studios. “We welcome visitors to experience our village life as it normally exists, but with just a little extra “zing”, and of course the very rare opportunity to enter the personal realm of our acclaimed artists.”

The event is in its fourth year, and has become known as a platform for art collectors, investors and interior decorators alike to enter into their annual diaries – a weekend on the calendar not to be missed. Besides the more serious business of purchasing art, there are sufficient lighthearted activities to make a long weekend of it. We are renowned for our excellent wines, craft beers, olive products, restaurants, entertainment and Swartland hospitality,” says Piprek. “And what makes this event so unique, is that all the participating artists are resident in the valley, or have their permanent studios here”.

The core of Solo Studios is the once a year opportunity to visit the artists in their personal workspaces. Here the buyer can engage with the artists themselves, experience how their work is conceptualized and created, and buy art directly from the artist, “fresh off the easel” so to speak. For the 2019 event, 18 resident artists have been selected as participants.

Besides the artists’ studios, one can expect a range of other activities and attractions, including 6 galleries or pop-up group exhibitions, engaging art-related talks, guided walkabouts by renowned art aficionados, impromptu musical events and productions.

Pre-booking essential, access and accommodation limited

Because the event takes place largely within the homes and studios of the artists, access needs to be limited and controlled, and visitors are therefore strongly advised to pre-book to avoid disappointment. And since it is hosted on a long weekend, accommodation is likely to be filled rather early. Visitors are encouraged to book their accommodation well in advance on

Tickets are sold through Webtickets, the link being through the website, and come in a variety of options. This ranges from the Premier Weekend Pass at R395.00 for the weekend, or day passes at R195.00 per day.

The Premier Weekend Pass is the one that sells out fastest each year, as this includes the official opening event, and access to all exhibitions and studios for the entire long weekend. The exceptions are a few events and performances, which are charged for individually,” says Piprek. “Visitors are advised to familiarize themselves with the programme (which can be downloaded off the website), and with what each ticket entitles them to.”

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